Hot Wives Club

Each Month we like to showcase the amazing wives and girlfriend’s of the driver’s of the NASCAR racing world.  These racers have some of the most gorgeous “significant others” in the world.


Chandra Johnson

The stunning Chandra Johnson

Chandra Johnson is one of the sexiest NASCAR wives on the circuit.

Click here to see Chandra’s pictures!


Ron Ripple gets the checkered

Ingrid Vandebosch

The ridiculously hot Ingrid Vandebosch

 Jeff Gordon’s incredibly hot wife Ingrid Vandebosch!

Click here to see Ingrid’s pictures!


Ron Ripple gets the checkered

Ashley Judd

The absolutely stunning Ashley Judd

 Dario Franchitti’s absolutely gorgeous wife Ashley Judd!

Click here to see Ashley’s pictures!


Ron Ripple gets the checkered

Connie Fraydell

Ron Ripple’s Hot Wive’s Club - Connie Fraydell

Juan Pablo Montoya’s stunning wife Connie Fraydell!

Click here to see her bio and photos!

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