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Published on November 5th, 2008 | by Ron Ripple


Kyle Busch Is My Hero!!!

Kyle Busch is my hero… did I just say that?  Yes I did!  Anyone who reads my articles knows I either love Kyle Busch or I hate him.  He’s either a winner to me… or a whiner.  Well this article is going to explain why I think Kyle Busch has a great heart and is a racer to look up to.

Sam Ard Kyle BuschIf you haven’t heard of Sam Ard, you need to go check out his website www.SamArd.com.  He was an incredible racer from 1983-1984.  He was a hero in his day… many looked up to him, and many envied him.  He was a warrior on the race track and he fought for every win.  He had over 20 wins in his Busch career and was running strong until he had a career ending crash on October 10th, 1984 which resulted in a major head injury. 

He was a Hero to many, well now… Sam Ard HAS a new hero.  His name is Kyle Busch!

Sam Ard now 69, suffers from a moderate stage of Alzheimers disease that leaves him asking his wife if “she’d be pissed if he started racing again.”  Because of his Alzheimers disease he sometimes gets trapped in the past and doesn’t realize he’s a 69 year old past legend that has Alzheimers and is in financial trouble.

This past weekend Kyle Busch was racing the Nationwide Series race to try and tie Sam Ard’s record of 10 wins within a Nationwide/Busch Series Season.  He ended up getting the win which leaves him in the record books with his name right there next to Mr. Sam Ard.

Kyle Busch made an incredible decision this past weekend and dedicated his Nationwide Series win to Sam Ard.  With that win he donated $100,000 to the Sam Ard Fund which helps him and his family with their finances. 

Back in Sam Ard’s day, the most a Busch Series winner ever received was $25,000 and that was at Daytona.  So to say the least, Sam Ard didn’t make multi millions off his racing career, but he is remembered as a legend.

Here’s an excerpt from Nascar.com that explains Ard’s feelings during this past weekend’s race…

Ard watched Saturday’s race at Texas with his grandson, aware that Busch was chasing his 1983 mark for wins in a season. Jo was with her sister for a rare dinner out when son, Robert, called her.

“Mama, are you sitting down?” Robert told her. “Well, Kyle tied Daddy’s record, and I had someone call me and tell me that Kyle is going to give Daddy $100,000.”

Hours later, when a fidgety Ard kept Jo up talking until 2:30 a.m., she sensed he understood Busch’s contribution.

“I guess his mind was just thinking because he said ‘I’ve been praying that something could come along that we could pay the bills and you can get a car,’ ” Jo said. “So he’s aware of what’s going. I asked him what he wanted to do with Kyle’s money, and he said for me to do whatever I wanted. He just wanted a couple hundred dollars to put in his wallet.”

When I read this it gave me goose bumps.  It just shows you that Kyle Busch has a big heart and is not all about himself.  He respects the past, and even though he’s out there breaking records… he’s breaking records with a good heart.  I’m extremely happy that the Ard family is getting help.  It makes me think there should be some sort of NASCAR fund that donates to the fallen racers.  If it weren’t for these past legends, the sport wouldn’t be where it is today.

If you get a chance, make sure you visit www.SamArd.com and if you have a few extra bucks make a donation.  We need to support our past racers and show them our appreciation.  Who knows… maybe Kyle Busch will need some help when he’s older.  He’ll definitely be a legend to remember.

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I'm Ron Ripple, Featured in Forbes Magazine as NASCAR's Biggest Fan, I'm 3 time Junior Mr Olympia. When I'm not drinking beer and watching NASCAR, you can find me in the local gym doing squats. Let's go racing!

14 Responses to Kyle Busch Is My Hero!!!

  1. Diecast Cars says:

    You’re right, that was a very classy move by Kyle. Props to him.

  2. Craig says:

    Good story!
    I’ll bet there’s a bunch of old drivers in the same boat.

  3. WTF says:

    What the hell Ron?? Just when I thought it was safe to hate Kyle Busch he goes off and does something honorable and then you have to write about it and get the story out there so we can all feel warm and fuzzy inside. I just cannot catch a break. BTW Jr. mentioned Ard and some of the autographed items he had donated for the auction on his xm radio show last week and discussed that there should be something in place to help these racers that have gone before them, as you mentioned they didn’t make much back in the day. I’ve heard of other drivers that have helped out past drivers like Tony Stewart and Red Farmer. I think that would be awesome to have something in place to help these men that built this great sport literally with their bare hands, that didn’t have all the safety technology that the drivers today have. I hope it really does happen.

  4. Ron Ripple says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more WTF. As much as I love to call Kyle Busch out, I had to write an article that showed off his good side.

    Supposedly a lot of drivers are starting to contribute. Kevin Harvick recently donated a handicapped van to Sam Ard last year which helped him out tremendously.

    There’s a lot of legends out there who could probably use some help.

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  6. Kyle Busch is not only hero, also having great heart loyal person, very few of people can such cause event, he donated huge amount for which need big heart. my salute to Kyle Busch.

  7. used tires says:

    I for one do believe Kyle is a good guy, I think he’s just been playing the bad guy role, to kinda of egg on the fans that dislike him. I think if we all knew the true kyle busch outside of the track, we would like him just fine.

    Till then,


  8. CAD Programs says:

    Kyle Busch must be making Toyota a ton of money, but I wonder how much bigger Kyles fan base would be if he drove a Dodge instead of a Toyota. Chevy and Ford have the best drivers, and Dodge needs at least one more good driver to be a better chase contender. Would you like to see Kyle Busch driving a Dodge?

  9. Most are paid a base salery and a percentage of the prize money per race, and there are likely bonuses. If it’s a popular driver (Jr, ect), they can make as much or more from souvenirs and endorsements as they do racing.

  10. sorry – I hated that guy.

  11. I loathe Kyle Busch while at the same time recognize him for the amazingly skilled driver he is. But his personality? NASCAR needs it, but I don’t have to like it. At all. Whatsoever.

  12. I think it was brilliant. A brash display of his personality, something original, and frankly, extremely entertaining. I’d rather see *that* happen to a guitar than to have one tucked away on a shelf and never played. Smashing a Gibson like that is an homage to the instrument.

  13. Still dislike that talented little PITA, but smashing that guitar was three shades of awesome. I *hope* he starts a new trend for the Nashville winners. It’s way better than making out with bricks.

  14. I am apart of the media that was present when Kyle smashed the guitar! No joke… I have the credentials to prove it… It was nuts, crazy… but Kyle brought a ton of Fans to our Nashville Track… GO KYLE!

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