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Published on August 15th, 2008 | by Ron Ripple


M.I.R… Most Improved Racer this season!

This season there has been a number of “stand out” racers who have “wowed” the world with their incredible runs as well as their domination over the field.  There has also been a number of racers who have started out slow but have made their way back to the top and showed the world they’re the real deal Hollyfield.

Who do I think is the stand out M.I.R?  And why does this driver deserve the M.I.R. award I’m about to give him?

Jimmie Johnson

Jimmie Johnson started this 2008 season as if he was a rookie learning how to drive a car.  He didn’t know the gas pedal from the brake pedal and I think he even skipped a few gears going from 2nd gear to 4th.  Overall the driver’s first 6 races were as if he didn’t know how to turn left.  If you were new to NASCAR you wouldn’t even know who Jimmie Johnson was, let alone know he is the defending two time Champion.

Midway through this season he started jumping up in the top ten and sometimes in the top 5, but he would still have a few races where he finished 20th or even 30th.  The driver has been a roller coaster of a racer and one you wouldn’t want to put your money on.

The reason why Jimmie Johnson deserves this prestigious award is because the man has come from mediocre to 3rd place.  He’s still not beating the main man Kyle Busch but as the saying goes… “he’s a close third.”

Another reason why I picked Jimmie Johnson as my M.I.R. is because of his hot wife.  It allows me to post yet another picture of Chandra Johnson. 

 Here she is! 

Chandra Johnson

uhhh… what’s this article about?

Not to change the subject again… but who is your M.I.R. of the 2008 season and why do you think they deserve the award. 

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I'm Ron Ripple, Featured in Forbes Magazine as NASCAR's Biggest Fan, I'm 3 time Junior Mr Olympia. When I'm not drinking beer and watching NASCAR, you can find me in the local gym doing squats. Let's go racing!

6 Responses to M.I.R… Most Improved Racer this season!

  1. Alan P. says:

    I would have to say Carl Edwards. He wasnt doing well until he won the All Star race, now he’s a threat every race.

  2. Craig says:

    How about your boy Kyle. He is about 100% better than last year!

  3. gas card says:

    Jimmie Johnson is a great driver, can’t believe he is going for his 4th straight sprint cup Title this year, and you are right he has a great wife by his side!


  4. good job keep it up. Best of luck for coming time.

  5. Generic says:

    Hey How about your boy Kyle. He is about 100% better than last year!

  6. @Generic– You are just copy and paste you comment here. Its not good man.

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