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Published on August 18th, 2008 | by Ron Ripple


Carl Edwards has Busch’s number!

Just when you thought Kyle Busch was going to dominate again… Carl Edwards takes the checkered flag.  I’ve said this before… nice guys don’t always finish last, especially when it comes to Carl Edwards.  He’s making this his 5th Sprint Cup win of the season and has backed up the reason of why he’s sitting pretty in second place overall.

Carl Edwards lifted his leg this weekend and “marked” his territory after winning both the Nationwide series race as well as the Sprint Cup race.  He becomes the second driver to ever win both races in one weekend at the Michigan track, Mark Martin did it in 1993.

Kyle Busch ran an incredible race yesterday afternoon and set himself up to win until they pitted on lap 180 out of 200.  Just when you think NASCAR is only about RACING on the track… nope… yesterday’s advantage went to Carl Edwards because his crew “out raced” Kyle Busch’s crew and got Carl out on the track quicker.

After Carl and Kyle’s pit, they enter the track with Dale Earnhardt Jr and David Ragan running 1-2.  Once Carl Edwards passed them, he continued to stay in front and held Kyle Busch off till the end.

Kyle Busch said in his post race interview that he had nothing for Carl Edwars.  He said “Carl came off the corners a lot quicker and he did his best to stay close to him.  Overall we just didn’t have the car this weekend, Carl Edwards ran a great race.”

It was another great win for Carl Edwards and it allowed him to execute his famous backflip he’s been performing all year.  There’s a rumor going around the pits that Carl Edwards has been training with the U.S. Olympic team of Paul and Morgan Hamm, which has allowed him to perfect his backflip.  Also there are rumors going around that if Carl Edwards wins the Championship this year, he will attempt a double back hand spring with a flip into a twist double double twist flip and land on his hands. (I hope he wins because I can’t wait to see what the hell this is.)

All I know is yesterday was a great race and I was glad to see Carl Edwards out there winning.  Whatever flips he attempts it’s better than what I can do.  The only hand stands you’ll be seeing me do is one off a keg… we call it the keg stand.


Great racing to all… there were a lot of disappointments this weekend for the top 12 racers.  Kasey Khane had engine failure which caused him to finish in 4oth place, dropped him down to 11th overall in the points standings.  Hamlin who finished in 39th dropped down to 12th position in the points standings… now on the bubble. 

Jeff Gordon and Jimmie Johnson had a rough weekend as well.  Both were involved in a three car fender bender that punctured Johnson’s tire giving him a 17th place finish.  Jeff Gordon didn’t feel the fender bender drama till later in the race when his tire then punctured making him hit the wall.  He finished 42nd which dropped him in the overall points from 6th place down to 9th place.

There was a lot of movement in the overall standings…

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2 Responses to Carl Edwards has Busch’s number!

  1. HotROD says:

    I watched this race and was hoping Dale Jr would have taken it even with his pit strategy.

  2. Johnny says:

    Carl Edwards is going to be a force to be wreckened with.

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