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Published on July 7th, 2008 | by Ron Ripple


Photo Finish at the Coke Zero 400!

The Coke Zero 400 was a race that goes down in the history books for it’s photo finish that couldn’t be called till the tapes were reviewed.  Kyle Busch and Carl Edwards were literally nose and nose, racing for the finish as a huge wreck took place behind them making the race a difficult race to call.  Kyle Busch just barely took the win with Carl Edwards less than a foot away from being crowned the Coke Zero 400 champion.

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The photo finish!

Kyle Busch says he was on the edge of his seat doing everything he could to prevent a repeat of last years race with him taking second place to Jamie McMurray after a  similar situation with a photo finish.

In my opinion the real talk of the day should be about Dale Earnhardt Jr and his domination of this race that resulted in earning his 8th place finish.  The kid was driving around the course as if he owned it and nobody deserved to be on it but himself.  He was driving so aggressive and passionately that I was afraid he was going to wreck Jimmie Johnson when he dared to get in front of him.  He led more laps than anyone but when they counted he got left hung to dry and drifted back to the 10th place position.  In his post race interview he said there were a lot of ignorant drivers in the final laps and he claims he deserved a top 5 finish.

I guess if winning a race means Dale Jr needs to be ignorant than I guess he better start learning how.  Carl Edwards, Matt Kenseth and of course Kyle Busch were making runs for the front.  They didn’t hesitate when it came down to racing hard and doing what it takes to get out in front.

Two guys I need to give a lot of credit to even though they didn’t make it to the front is Kasey Kahne and Kurt Busch.  Both started in the back of the pack and both made it to the top 10.  Kasey Kahne started in 41st position and picked off every driver as he made is way towards the front giving him a 7th place finish.  Kurt Busch also started in 36th position and also made is way to the front giving him a 4th place finish.  I guess when you’ve got a strong car and know how to drive it you can do anything.

This was one of my favorite races to watch.  It was action packed and reminded me of what true racing is. What did everyone think of my boy Tony Stewart and the good ol switcharoo allowing Yeley to step up and drive it like he stole it? Stewart had an extremely strong car racing in the top 3. Was I the only one to notice that Vickers was the cause of at least two of the wrecks?

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8 Responses to Photo Finish at the Coke Zero 400!

  1. used cars says:

    Thats gotta be one of the closest finishes I’ve EVER seen. You definitely got a nice shot of it though.

  2. BigDog says:

    I think Jr. deserved this race especially with all the rumors going around that he studies the track like it’s a final exam for an Organic Chemistry III exam.

  3. Alan P says:

    this was by far one of the more exciting races ive seen in a very long time. the finish summed it all up with all the lead changes and small wrecks.

    i couldn’t believe johnson and earnhardt were racing each other so hard on lap 70ish. you would think they hated each other let alone be team mates.

  4. Ryan says:

    Kyle is good but he definately got lucky with this win.

  5. Craig says:

    Hey Ron,
    I put all my eggs in your Tony Stewart basket this week.
    Wish me luck!

  6. Tim Zaegel says:

    Man, wouldn’t it have been nice to see this one go all the way to the finish? Busch and Edwards had a helluva battle up there for the lead.

    On the Stewart note, though, yeah that sucks … he easily had a top-five car all day long and probably would’ve had a shot at winning this one. Oh well.

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  8. generic says:

    True, Kyle is good but he definately got lucky with this win.

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