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Published on June 2nd, 2008 | by Ron Ripple


Tony Stewart Takes The Blame For a Boring Race!

It was a rough and tough weekend for many top driver’s of NASCAR’s Sprint Cup Series as half of the top 12 in points were damaged in a monster wreck. I could go play by play on how the wreck took place but why not just check it out below? One thing I found disturbing is the comment made by my boy Tony Stewart…

As you can see, it was Elliot Saddler who unfortunately went low in turn two only to find himself slamming his rear bumper into David Gilliland. This was the beginning of the end for many top dogs including Dale Earnhardt Jr, Denny Hamlin, Tony Stewart, Clint Boyer, Kasey Kahn and many others.Anyone think Tony Stewart was sincere in his blame taking interview? He states the wreck was Broken Record mp3 download his fault and I agree with the fact that he was part of the reason why many of the people behind him were involved. After seeing the interview for the second time, I hear the statement of “Any time I’m within a half a lap of Elliot Saddler, I expect that (wreck) to happen.” Not exactly sure what that means and if it was a jab at Elliot Saddler but the remainder of the interview he DID take the blame which is honorable.

Overall though, the race in my opinion was pretty damn boring especially at the end. The race was either dominated by Greg Biffle or of course Kyle Busch. There was only one big wreck which contributed to why the race was so boring… It took out a lot of the top dogs who would have been fighting for the win. I think I’m going to create a new rule that NASCAR should implement… If Kyle Busch makes it to

the front with 50 or less laps remaining, they should just stop the race and give him the checkered flag. That way it will save me money for drinking less beer and also give me the chance to stop screaming at the t.v. for Tony Stewart not being up front.

I have a feeling this race would have been more exciting at the end if there was a caution. Carl Edwards and Greg Biffle were two strong cars and I think if they would have been closer to Kyle Busch at the end and with a restart, there would ahve been a lot more action.

A big congrats to Kyle Busch though on his 4th win for the season especially after being wrecked by his own team mate on Saturday’s Nationwide Katy B Broken Record race. I also want to give Greg Biffle a hand shake and a pat on the back for his third place finish on Sunday. The man’s alternator went out and he was forced to turn off the air conditioner and the oxygen.

So did you all enjoy this race as much as I did? Do you want to body slam Kyle Busch or buy him a beer? Do you think Tony Stewart could do anything else besides hit Elliot Sadler straight on?

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I'm Ron Ripple, Featured in Forbes Magazine as NASCAR's Biggest Fan, I'm 3 time Junior Mr Olympia. When I'm not drinking beer and watching NASCAR, you can find me in the local gym doing squats. Let's go racing!

5 Responses to Tony Stewart Takes The Blame For a Boring Race!

  1. Racerboy says:

    I had fun watching the race in the beginning and didn’t watch it till the end because i was busy. but I thought it was a pretty decent race. Tony Stewart was 100% being sarcastic when he was talking about idiot sadler.

  2. Craig says:

    The big wreck was rough on lots of the points chasers. Everybody may be down on Kyle but the kid sure is fast. Juan had a pretty good run!
    Tony seems to find himself in the wrong place too many times.

  3. Alan P says:

    I was glad to see my boy Jamie McMurray finish in the top 10.

    Decent race, the wreck did leave the race to be boooorrring.

  4. Maybe Stewart is still mad about Elliot getting into him at Darlington.

  5. Jolene says:

    lol, you didn’t notice all the sarcasm when Tony talked?
    Yeah, seems Sadler can’t keep his car facing forward lately and takes out others because of it.

    Definitely my 2 favorite interviews with drivers this weekend were that one with Tony and the day before with Kyle Bush…”duhhh” I believe is an exact quote, hehe, the hubby and I are still chuckling over that one.

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