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Published on June 18th, 2008 | by Ron Ripple


The Chase for the Sprint Cup Championship!

This year has been an interesting year to say the least when it comes to the Sprint Cup Championship. Many drivers are focusing on making top 10 finishes in turn setting themselves up for the championship. I always talk about the respect I have for those who “go big or go home” and do anything for the win. That’s a rare breed that only a select have. A lot of fans are frustrated and feel that their favorite drivers are only going for the points and not the big W. I agree with some and disagree with others.

At times I personally get frustrated because one of my favorite driver is comfortable with a top 10 finish… when all I want them to do is get the victory and do a kick ass victory dance. God only knows what’s going on in their heads, I guess we’re not in the shoes of these racers and don’t know the game as well as they do. One thing is for sure! All drivers are looking to get in the top 12 so they can become the CHAMPION of the year… not just a champion for the night. I can’t blame them because they want to be known for the years to come as the “2008 Champion” and not the “second place finisher.” People can say what they want but the bottom line is, we don’t know WHAT goes on in their head when out on the track. My theory is that (some drivers) go for the win to a certain point and after knowing they don’t have a chance… they simply try to stay in the top 5 or 10. Take a look at the standings below..

The Chase

On that note… who do you think will be in the championship race at the end of the year? There are a few names I notice that aren’t in the top 12 right now but have a good chance of getting in. Brian Vickers, Matt Kenseth, and Martin Truex Jr. are a few that have been moving up in the ranks and are actually racing their asses off so they can make the chase.

Matt Kenseth had a rough start this season and was a name I hardly even mentioned, but over the last 5 races, I’ve talked about him quite a bit. For the last five races he has finished top 7 in all of them and has been aggressively driving to try and secure his spot in the chase. I have a feeling he’s going to go out there and continue his top 10 streak and beat out some of these other drivers that are comfortable with a top 10 finish.

Brian Vickers is another racer who has been steadily creeping his ass up into the hunt to make the championship race. He’s another racer that has had a very sporadic season. If you were to place your bets on this kid this season you better not put too much money on him… it would be like trying to play darts in the dark. The kid is extremely talented but he’s been as consistent as the amount of beer I drink. (You just never know… one day I’ll drink a 12 pack and the next I’ll drink a case) I really do think he’s got a shot though! He’s finished top 5 over the last couple races and if he keeps it up he’ll be sneaking his way up there.

Still some big names out there that I’m shocked aren’t in the hunt for the chase this year. Not to name any names but Kurt Busch has really dropped off the face of the earth this year. Does he still race NASCAR? The only Busch name I ever hear get mentioned from Mr. Boogity Boogity is his brother Kyle.

Like I said before… it’s been an interesting year to say the least but I wanna know who you think will sneak into the chase and who will get knocked out of the chase.

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I'm Ron Ripple, Featured in Forbes Magazine as NASCAR's Biggest Fan, I'm 3 time Junior Mr Olympia. When I'm not drinking beer and watching NASCAR, you can find me in the local gym doing squats. Let's go racing!

11 Responses to The Chase for the Sprint Cup Championship!

  1. Natty says:

    I think Matt Kenseth will make it. He’s been hustling lately

  2. Craig says:

    My group has been waiting for Mat to replace your boy Tony. I think Ryan will have a shot at it too.
    Tony has been better but the old guys don’t forget when he was crashing everybody. Now Kyle seems to have taken that job!

  3. Ron Ripple says:

    Listen… I want Matt to make the chase but I sure as hell don’t want him replacing Tony. I have comlete faith in Tony and think he’s not only going to stay in the chase but he’s going to move up in the rankings.

  4. Ryan says:

    That top 12 is a strong top 12. Positions 11 thru 14 are so close it could be anybodys game. the top 10 is so strong that I would wanna see anyone of them knocked out.

  5. Tim Zaegel says:

    He’s not my favorite, but Kenseth is not only a strong candidate to make the Chase, but to win the whole thing. Yes, we call him “Weasel” for a reason.

    As far as who comes out to make room for Matt, it’s not Tony and it’s not the Biff … both drivers have run far too strong already this season, they just haven’t had the results to show for it. I wouldn’t be too surprised to see Harvick or Bowyer fall out, and with the way he’s run all year long, I really wouldn’t be surprised to see Gordon drop.

  6. I think the 12 spot is going to be changing weekly and up for grabs dramatically weekly, thru the start of the Chase. I am shooting for Kenseth or Vicker’s. Maybe Newman.

  7. Tim Zaegel says:

    I was actually expecting a better year from Newman in ’08, but he’s been somewhat of a disappointment – everyone at Penske has. That entire organization needs to get some things figured out if any of ’em want to make the Chase.

  8. Ron Ripple says:

    Tim I’m with you… I thought Newman was going to be a force to be reckoned with this year especially after Daytona.

    Obviously he’s in the same boat as Kenseth and Vickers… they need to have some solid finishes if they want a chance.

  9. Craig says:

    Ron, how are you pickin the road course?

  10. Hey, Ripple fans, I have just jumped into the lead in the Northern Ohio Legends Series Point Standings! Not bad for a Semi-Pro driver! Now let’s see if I can hang on to it! Dale Dodge Jr.

  11. Generic says:

    Yes Obviously he’s in the same boat as Kenseth and Vickers… they need to have some solid finishes if they want a chance.

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