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Published on June 24th, 2008 | by Ron Ripple


Kyle Busch Wins and Montoya Spins

I was glad to hear when Kyle Busch read my articles where I state he should stick to focusing on the Sprint Cup races and quit with the Nationwide and Truck series! He listens and wins a road race… That’s right people, Kyle Busch won the Infineon road race. It was lap 33 when Busch decided it was his time to take the lead and never look back. The battle was going on 2 to 4 seconds behind him as he cruised un challenged. He would go in for a pit stop and allow racers like Carl Edwards keep the leaders spot warm for him as he comes back on the track and retake the lead. You’ve got to give this kid credit, on Friday’s practice he was the 40th best car of 47. He qualified 30th and we all know it’s not easy to pass on a road course like Infineon.  Is there anything this kid can’t win?

Kyle Busch Winner Circle

I happen to be in the Winner Circle with Kyle Busch

The talk around the pits (and on this site) was all about last years Infineon champ Juan Pablo Montoya and his possible repeat. Montoya has had a rough season thus far with the last two races finishing in an incredible 38th place. As I’ve discussed in previous articles, team owner Chip Ganassi’s drivers have been struggling and his star Montoya was set to make an impression on all of the people doubting the teams capabilities. The start of the weekend wasn’t looking too great as team mate Dario Franchitti was unable to qualify for Sunday’s race. As anticipated, Montoya looked strong out there on Sunday. He was a solid top 10 throughout the entire race and working the turns towards the front of the pack. I personally believed he was going to challenge the dominating Kyle Bush if he kept up the incredible slicing and dicing through the field. His luck turned when “one race wonder” Marcos Ambrose decided to go too hot in a turn spinning the contender Montoya out. This would put Montoya 18th where he would have to fight his way back for a 6th finish. It was unfortunate but still a great finish for both Montoya and team owner Chip Ganassi.

It was unfortunate when Jamie McMurray who ran hard and strong all day went too hot into turn 4 taking out my boy Tony Stewart, Kevin Harvick and a name I haven’t talked about on this site Ron Fellows… as all were contenders in the top 10. Stewart restarted down in 19th place where he was not happy. Unfortunately he took his anger out on poor ol Scott Pruett as he rammed Scott from behind bringing out yet another caution. Pruett would be out of the race bring out the green white checkered would come out and making it that much easier for Kyle Busch to secure the win and my picks (pansy wine drinker) Jeff Gordon took third and Montoya 6th.  The Toyota Save Mart 350 was a nice change of pace.

There are some serious rumors going on throught the pits on driver Casey Mears leaving the number five car. Chip Ganassi’s driver Reed Sorensen being a pre madonna and missing sponsor meetings. Rumors going around that Reed Sorensen is too full of himself and why? He’s a NON performer on the track. More gossip going around about Mark Martin being a pansy and has his substitute driver race the races he sucks at…

Look for an update on the Nascar’s Hot Wives Club…  I think you’ll all be impressed with the hottie I got comin! Stay Tuned Ron Ripplers…

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About the Author

I'm Ron Ripple, Featured in Forbes Magazine as NASCAR's Biggest Fan, I'm 3 time Junior Mr Olympia. When I'm not drinking beer and watching NASCAR, you can find me in the local gym doing squats. Let's go racing!

9 Responses to Kyle Busch Wins and Montoya Spins

  1. Craig says:

    OK, so I was wrong about Kyle. That kid can drive the car!!
    How about your boy Joey Friday night?
    Juan just can’t catch a break this year. Maybe on a new team?

  2. Great win for Kyle Busch, that kid is phenomenal!

    Imagine if Juan is in the #5, that would be interesting, lol. If it is true that Casey is gone out of the 5 in 2009, I don’t see much of a nascar future for Casey.

  3. Tim Zaegel says:

    I’ll be looking forward to seeing more of Marcos Ambrose in the Cup Series. I really like this guy, so it should be interesting to see if he can do anything off the road courses behind the wheel of a Wood Bros. car.

  4. Ryan says:

    Im not a huge fan of Kyle Busch but this kid is a PHENOM.

  5. Alan P says:

    How could you not be a fan of Kyle Busch? i’m debating on whether or not i should call vegas and bet on kyle ever race the rest of the seaon

    i would be able to afford my own nascar team

  6. Ron, you seem to be everywhere…all the time! I’ll be at Barberton Speedway this Saturday Night, along with Dale Earnhardt Jr’s National Guard car! Maybe I’ll see you there!?

  7. Mircea says:

    Lately i became a Kyle Busch fan. It’s easy …he rocks !!!

  8. kaye moody says:

    Dear Kyle, i am a big fan of the m&m car. i was so happy to see that Ellette was out of my car, between you and me he did not do that car any good. And now that you have the car, I am so proud of how you took the car and made a winner out of it. you are the best driver there is, So take the car and make a winner out of the car, Because you make it work, and i cant tell you how proud of you i am, and i thimk your the best, that is way i am such a big fan of your’s, And may GOD be with you and your crew, love always kaye moody, 814 oakley ave roanoke rapaids, NC 27870.

  9. kaye moody says:

    Dear Mr Gibbs, hello this is Kaye again, I am so sorry that kyle did not win to day, But he is still my hero, I would like to ask a favor!!!! Is there any way that my husband and my 11 year old son could get free tickets to Richmond race? We have never been to a real race. But we never miss a race on TV. I fell bad for asking, but I am disable and if we payed for our on ticket’s i would not be able to pay for my medication’s. And it would be an honer to go to a real race where just may be i could have my picture taking with kyle him self, and some day i wont to get a jacket with m&m all over it. love always kaye.

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