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Published on June 30th, 2008 | by Ron Ripple


Rain rain go away… come back some other day!

There was only 17 laps remaining in the Lenox Industrial Tools 301 race with Kurt Busch in the lead when race officials made a quick decision to call it a day and put the toys away due to weather. Kurt Busch had luck on his side yesterday allowing him to end his 29 race winless streak. At the end of the race during a caution, Kurt Busch’s team decided to keep him out on the race course which allowed him to crawl up into first place and ended up earning him the win.

Tony Stewart who also has a ridiculous winless streak (31 races) was dominating the race by leading 132 of the 284 laps. Tony’s crew made the decision to pit on the caution which ended up putting him in 13th position when the race was finally called. Tony Stewart was extremely pissed after Sunday’s race and didn’t comment on his results.

I can guaranttee he was throwing some F-bombs on the radio after the race officials stopped the race. It’s got to be tough knowing this was your race to dominate and you make a poor decision to pit hoping the rain would stay away. I can only imagine what song his crew was chanting as he pulled back out with the rain on it’s way…. “rain rain go away, come back some other day…. rain rain go away, come back some other day.”

The rain CAMEEE… son of a B!%@*

So Kurt Busch ended up with the win… what did Kyle Busch end up with? A SPIN!!!! Juan Pablo Montoya made his point this weekend that he was out here to race and he’s not going to let anyone push him around, even if it is the points leader.

There are two sides to every story!

Kyle Busch’s side!

Kyle Busch explained in his post race interview he was racing Juan and beat him to the caution flag after the Clint Boyer/Sam Hornish Jr wreck when out of the blue he began spinning. Busch claims he rubbed Montoya a couple times in the previous music website lap trying to race him to the caution but claims he only touched his corner panel. He says Montoya must have thought he beat him to the caution and got frustrated and spun him out.

Juan Pablo Montoya’s side!

Juan Pablo Montoya says he was racing Kyle Busch who was not giving him the respect he deserved. He says Kyle Busch came up on the high side where he was racing and pretended like he wasn’t there expecting him to back down. Juan said it looked like Kyle was trying to wreck him because he was banging on Juan’s corner panel… Juan says OK! Here we go! Next thing you know they were both spinning which resulted in the end of their day! Juan does admit he spun him out intentionally!

My side!

I think both drivers were having a very boring day racing in the back of the pack. They were bored with the way the race was going mp3 music

and decided to make the race more interesting for us (the fans) by playing bumper cars. Kyle Busch was thinking… “I’m not used to racing back here in the back of the pack, is this what these losers feel like at every race?” Juan Pablo Montoya was thinking… “Wow, I’m not used to racing next to “THE MAN” Kyle Busch, I better not let him push me around back here.”

Next thing you know, one thing led to another, they let their thoughts take over and Kyle Busch decided he better get some more face time on the camera. Kyle Busch starts bumping Juan Pablo Montoya because he was the closest one… Montoya kept thinking I can’t let this mean driver bully me around. Juan throws him into a spin which ends up taking himself out as well.

Not the smartest racing I’ve ever seen but you can’t blame either of them. Not every driver is perfect and who knows what they’re download mp3 music thinking when they’re in a situation they’re not used to. haha. I love racing!

What do you guys think? Who’s side do you take on this situation? Kyle’s, Juan’s, or mine?

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13 Responses to Rain rain go away… come back some other day!

  1. Craig says:

    I’m with you Ron! I do wish someone would teach Juan how to spin a guy without wrecking himself!

  2. BigDog says:

    Ron you crack me up… I love your comments

  3. Rain Rain Rain! Thats all.

  4. It didn’t rain Saturday! Good second place finish at Barberton Speedway and still leading the points chase! On my way…Dale Dodge Jr.

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    Good second place finish at Barberton Speedway and still leading the points chase! On my way…Dale Dodge Jr.

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