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Published on June 6th, 2008 | by Ron Ripple


8 Ways to Make NASCAR More Exciting!

I’ve come up with a list of ideas on how we can make NASCAR more exciting. I love NASCAR and everything about NASCAR, but if I were the president of NASCAR, I would implement these 8 ideas.

#1. Bring back the COY – Car Of Yesterday. We need to get rid of the COT and bring back the COY. It allowed these drivers to actually race and battle it out. The COT is a tough car to drive and has leveled the playing field in a way that has made it harder to pass.

#2. Shorten the Course – If NASCAR shortened the course, it would make the races more exciting. Right now the races are extremely long… how many of you guys love to watch “the start” and then the last “50 laps?” I mean, I love NASCAR, but sometimes the middle of the race is pointless because the true racing doesn’t start till the end.

#3. Start Kyle Busch a lap down – Kyle Busch is absolutely the best driver out there today. I think we need to start his ass a lap down and make him work his way to the front. The only negative thing about this idea is what if he actually came back and won the race? His head wouldn’t be able to fit into his own car.


#4. Kyle Busch needs a bigger car – Just as I mentioned in idea #3… Kyle Busch’s head is getting way too big. I think we need to get him a bigger car so we can fit his big head in it. Maybe we can just get him a convertible so we don’t have to keep getting him new cars as the season goes on.

#5. The Driver’s need Intro songs – After watching the All-Star race this year I really enjoyed the introductions they did for each driver. If we had introduction songs for each driver, it would bring more excitement and craziness. I could see Kyle Busch walking to his car as they play “I Shot the Sherriff,” just after he spun Jr. out!

#6. Bikini Contest between the driver’s wives and girlfriends – One thing NASCAR lacks is sex appeal. If we had the Driver’s wives out there in bikinis at let’s say Taladega or the Coca-cola 600 strutting their stuff, I can guaranttee I may not be rooting for Tony Stewart. I may start liking Jeff Gordon. (Did I just say that?)

#7 Lap girls for each lap – Just like boxing and UFC fighting… for each round/Lap, we need to have a Lap girl letting everyone know what lap we’re on. Just as I mentioned in Idea #6, we need to bring some sex appeal to NASCAR and this is a sure way to bring it.

#8. Cage Match between Hendrick Racing and Joe Gibbs Racing – Three times a year they need to have a cage match between each of the Hendrick boys vs the Gibbs boys. Stewart vs Gordon, Busch vs. Earnhardt Jr., Hamlin vs Johnson. And it needs to be a real fight. No hard feelings… instead of “talking” smack, they need to throw some smack. Quit singing it and start bringing it…

This is just my opinion and if NASCAR wants to hire me please contact me through e-mail. I think I could bring a lot of FLARE to the sport. The only requirement I have is they give me my own Budweiser Keg at each race, and hopefully they don’t require a breathalizer for the president.

Would you elect me as the President of NASCAR?

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About the Author

I'm Ron Ripple, Featured in Forbes Magazine as NASCAR's Biggest Fan, I'm 3 time Junior Mr Olympia. When I'm not drinking beer and watching NASCAR, you can find me in the local gym doing squats. Let's go racing!

11 Responses to 8 Ways to Make NASCAR More Exciting!

  1. I like the driver intro songs idea. Kinda of bring a wwe flare to it.

  2. Craig says:

    OK, youv’e got my vote. Those are some great ideas!

  3. Brad12 says:

    too funny. I’m not even a nascart fan but i could be if this was how every race went. that would be the best sport in the world.

  4. Ryan says:

    Ron, I would definately have to agree with numbers 3,5,6 and 7. Any of these would make the race more exciting. Especially the bikini contest.

  5. Tim Zaegel says:

    Ya know, Ron, the new car hasn’t really completely grown on me, but I’m also not entirely convinced that the old car was any better. The COT still has some work to do on the cookie cutter tracks, but it looked like they made some pretty big improvements at Lowe’s (no pun intended). Last week’s race at Dover wasn’t great, but both races there last year were good, and they were both run with the COT as well. So, I dunno, man.

    But, yes, intro songs would be awesome.

  6. Rene says:

    You know, there are lots of women who watch Nascar too and I couldn’t care less about seeing bikinis. Does anyone want to talk about tighter racing suits? 😉

  7. Ron Ripple says:

    Tim… I agree the cars are getting better but it just seems as though there isn’t as tough of racing.

    Rene… way too funny. I REALLY don’t think they need tighter suits but that’s just my opinion.

  8. They’ve got their eyes on you…Ron

  9. carla says:

    I’m a woman who loves Nascar and would love to see both – bikinis and tighter suits!

  10. Ron Ripple says:

    Haha… I’ll go with the bikinis but I think the suits are tight enough already. Have you ever seen Kyle Busch try to get in the car?

  11. Used Tires says:

    Some great ideas here Ron, imagine…. Ron Ripple… president of NASCAR =D

    Till then,


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