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Published on May 14th, 2008 | by Ron Ripple


Make your ALL STAR pick… Win a T-Shirt!

This Saturday is the 24th running of the All Star race at the Lowe’s Motor Speedway, and all I can say is… “Damn I’m excited.” To me, this is a race where champions get together and show each other what they’ve got. I think we’re going to see the typical domination by Carl Edwards, Kyle Busch and of course we’ll probably see Dale Earnhardt up there in the hunt… but it’s a chance for everyone to battle it out and earn a HUGE income for the year.

The All Star race is an interesting race to say the least… anyone has a chance to win it because every 25 laps they allow the drivers to pit and make changes to the car such as fuel, tires, and standard chassis adjustments. Once they’ve made the adjustments they restart the cars in the order in which they finished the previous segment. They do this a total of three times and then the last 25 laps is “Do or Die.” Only one car can win, and that winner will receive a purse of over $1,000,000. Now you tell me, this isn’t going to be a crazy race.

In my opinion… I believe we’re going to see some different sides to a lot of these drivers. We can all agree that Tony Stewart is going to be doing his standard “bumping his way up through the pack” as well as Kyle Busch’s “driving like Dale Earnhardt Sr.” But if I were to be a betting man, I would have to once again pick Carl Edwards to be up there in the front… and then my second pick would have to go to Denny Hamlin.  Carl Edwards has been the guy to beat this year along with Kyle Busch, he’s got the drive to win and of course the kid has been practicing his back flips, so I’ve got to give him that.  Denny Hamlin on the other hand has kind of been like Burton… the silent but deadly driver who stays out of the controversy and doesn’t make a big scene.  Those are the guys you need to be afraid of… ALWAYS in the hunt.

Let’s make this Post a “Who’s your pick?”

The winner will get a “Ron Ripple” T-shirt…

You only get one pick, so make sure you do your homework.

Below is a list of the Driver’s eligible for this race:

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I'm Ron Ripple, Featured in Forbes Magazine as NASCAR's Biggest Fan, I'm 3 time Junior Mr Olympia. When I'm not drinking beer and watching NASCAR, you can find me in the local gym doing squats. Let's go racing!

12 Responses to Make your ALL STAR pick… Win a T-Shirt!

  1. Ryan says:

    He’s due for a win and been racing great all season. Therefor I’m gonna have to pick Dale Jr.

  2. Craig says:

    I’m with you Ryan, This is June Bug’s weeks at Lowes!

  3. stacey says:

    I’ll stand by my man and pick JR to win!

  4. Jolene says:

    As always I have a few favorite drivers who I believe one will come away the big winner! But only being able to pick one, it will always be my #1 man(ok, after my hubby and kids, so I guess he’s really my #4 man lol)…Tony!

    I couldn’t possibly make anyone but Tony my pick, but I think there is a VERY good chance that Kyle will in fact come out on top.

    Man, what does a million dollar cheque(oh, sorry, “check” for you guys down there) look like? LOL

  5. Ron Ripple says:

    I have no clue what a $1 Million “Cheque” would look like… but if it looks anything like a $1 Million check would… the first thing I would do is buy a private jet and fly to all these races instead of DRIVE.

  6. Kitten says:

    Altough I am partial to Stewart, I am going to have to pick Kyle Busch for this one because he’s just been on such a roll this season.

  7. Alan P says:

    I’m think it’s going to be a Hendrick boys race.

    I’m gonna pick Jimmie Johnson. He owns this track.

  8. Tim Zaegel says:

    I’ll go with Stewart.

  9. Michelle S says:

    I’m going with Ryan Newman. He’s going for a repeat.

  10. crazycowboy says:

    all of you poeple are clueless
    greg biffle is owning things right now and of course will be up there

  11. John Fit says:

    I”ve gotta go with my Biffle! Just because I like saying his same.. “Biffle”.. and the Crazy Cowboy likes him!
    When do we expect you behind the wheel?

    John Fit! (I know driving that race car is “hell-uv-a” workout! Look @ Jeff Gordon.. Guy’s in shape!)

  12. Ron Ripple says:

    What an interesting race… I’m going to write a follow up post tomorrow to let you know about my thoughts.

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