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Published on May 5th, 2008 | by Ron Ripple


Kyle Busch Loves Kissing Bumpers!

Kyle Busch had a great finish this weekend in both the Sprint and Nationwide Cup! He was able to secure a 2nd place in the Crown Royal 400 and a 3rd place in the Lipton 250 on Friday night. It’s too bad the young gun with all his great finishes is making more enemies than friends. I’ve come up with a simple theory of why this is the case after doing hours of research… Kyle Busch and his fetish of kissing bumpers!

Just remember you heard this first from Ron Ripple! I didn’t just pull this out of the air and after doing hours of research I was able to secure a few pieces of evidence and it just so happens two of the articles of evidence was from THIS weekend’s races. Without further adeui… here is Kyle Busch and Jr interviews after the act of Kissing Bumpers. When I say kissing, I hope at this point you understand that I mean wrecking.

The kiss Kyle Busch gave during the Lipton 250 race was even better! He and Steven Wallace battle it out on and off the race track. Here’s yet another reason why the fans and fellow racers dislike Kyle Busch.

Are you a fan of Kyle Busch? There’s no doubt he’s a great racer but what do you think of Kyle off the track?

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I'm Ron Ripple, Featured in Forbes Magazine as NASCAR's Biggest Fan, I'm 3 time Junior Mr Olympia. When I'm not drinking beer and watching NASCAR, you can find me in the local gym doing squats. Let's go racing!

10 Responses to Kyle Busch Loves Kissing Bumpers!

  1. Ron Ripple says:

    3 minutes into the second video you’ll be able to hear the interviews with both Kyle and Steven.

    Kyle’s quote “I’ll wreck as many cars as I need to” is pretty controversial I would say. I don’t think in this race he is exactly in the wrong on the race track, i will say that he’s a wuss when it comes to off the track!

    NOTE: I have nothing against Kyle Busch and love watching him on the track. Just pointing out the obvious after this race.

  2. Ryan says:

    Even though Kyle Busch has been in the Cup circuit for a few years now, he still has A LOT of growing up to do. With a comment like that, it seems like he has no respect for any of the other drivers. If hes not gonna respect the drivers he should respect their lives. Although the safety equipment has gotten outstanding, the drivers still have a chance of getting seriously hurt.

  3. Craig says:

    Looked like good racin to me! If Junebug had been on the inside?????

  4. Jolene says:

    I think Kyle races the same as everyone else on the track, he’s just better at it then most of them. And off the track, I have never seen him say anything worse then anyone else. We’re definitely fans of Kyle, now he won’t take the place of Tony as our favorite driver, but he’s one of a few that are a close second! He’s incredibly talented and he has a great personality!

  5. A lot of people complained that Daddy Dale Earnhardt liked to kiss bumpers as well. Seems like his career turned out pretty well before his fatal crash.

  6. stacey says:

    I have to say that I am not one of Kyle Busch biggest fans. I think he is an ass in his interviews and he is very full of himself. Racing lately itself has gotten so boring with the COT and the fact that these drivers are making so much money it seems like they are not even trying to fight their way to the front like Back in the Day. I find myself watching Kyle coming from a lap down banging his way to the front hitting everything he can to get there a little interesting. I am a huge JR fan and I hate the fact that Kyle took him out but at least Kyle himself didn’t get the win and I think it will be fun to watch next week to see who puts him in the wall.

  7. Ron Ripple says:

    There’s no question he’s not making friends on the track, we’ll see how things pan out at the next race.

  8. Michelle says:

    This is the best part about NASCAR!!!! I love it

  9. Richard says:

    Hey Ron, awesome layout, I really like your header. May I ask how you made the guy?

  10. Kitten says:

    100% agree with you. I like Kyle more as a racer than I do as a personality. He needs new PR people or something.

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