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Published on May 23rd, 2008 | by Ron Ripple


Coca-Cola 600 qualifying rundown!

It’s tough to find a news source that isn’t talking about Kyle Busch and his bad boy attitude.  Well I hate to say it but he’s going to be in a little bit of the discussion today here at Ron  Kyle Busch has once again, earned his spot as the pole sitter for the longest race of the season, the Coca Cola 600.  NASCAR’s cockiest driver Kyle Busch is starting to earn his respect as he continues to dominate the NASCAR circuit with already three wins, two poles, and eight top 10 finishes.  If I were a betting man…. I wouldn’t count him out.

 Last night was qualifying for the Coca Cola 600 and ya ya ya…  Kyle Busch is sitting on the pole.  Who would have thought?  NASCAR’s most discussed driver is actually winning races and “sitting on poles.”  HAHA!  You have to admit… the kid is taking the NACAR world by storm with his negative press.  And as Michael Jackson would say “There’s no such thing as bad press.”  I hate to admit it, but I actually enjoy watching Kyle Busch on and off the track.  He’s like a combination of Dale Earnhardt Sr’s aggressive driving, and Tony Stewarts cocky “doesn’t give a ****” about what anyone says.  I know I flip flop each week about whether I like the kid or not, but for this week I’m actually enjoying him.

 Kasey Kahne (Spelling is correct this article) on the other hand is a driver this year who is just starting to make the headlines.  It’s more of a “the kid didn’t deserve to win the All-Star race and got lucky” kind of headlines, but at least he’s starting to come on to the scene.  So after his All-Star drama/win last weekend, the kid is starting to get his confidence back and it looks like it’s already starting to kick in.  He’s officially sitting 2nd in qualifying for the Coca-Cola 600 which is a huge step considering he has had “0” top 5 finishes this year.  I have a feeling Kasey is going to earn his wings this race and shut up all those reporters that are saying he’s not an elite racer.  Once this kid gets his confidence back, he’s going to realize he cannot only hang with the big boys, but he’s actually a BIG BOY himself. 

Hopefully the Coca-Cola 600 will be a bit more exciting than the All-Star race.  It doesn’t look like any manufacturer is dominating when it comes to qualifying.  There’s only 2 Toyotas, 3 Dodges, 2 Fords, and 3 Chevrolets… so the feild is pretty spread out when it comes to that.  Below is a list of the top 10 qualifiers for the Coca-Cola 600.

Coca-Cola Line up

I think my pick for this race is going to be based on history.  Kasey Kahne and Jimmie Johnson looked like they owned this track back in the years of 2004 – 2006 so those might be some good picks.  But I remember Ryan Newman loves this track and always seems to get the pole when qualifying so I’m shocked he qualified 39th this year.  If I go off this season and who did well on the intermediate tracks, I have to go with Carl Edwards, Dale Earnhardt Jr., and Kyle Busch.  Alright here’s my picks… I’m going to throw everyone for a loop this go round:

Winner – Kasey Kahne!

Sleeper – Matt Kenseth!

DNF – Kyle Busch (Motor Problems – Hopefully he doesn’t read this!)

Alright… I want everyone to make their picks for this race.  Tell me who you think is going to win… and then who you think will come out of no where and make a show.  And just for fun… tell me who you think has no chance or will have motor problems.  Let’s hear your thoughts about some of these racers!

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12 Responses to Coca-Cola 600 qualifying rundown!

  1. Craig says:

    Put me down for Dale Jr. again. He keeps his car up front and sooner or later he will be at the right place at the right time!

  2. Ryan says:

    If I was a betting man, I would have to go with your pick Ron. I do agree with you Craig and believe Dale Jr. is going to suprise us and run strong all race ( as long as no one wrecks him).

  3. Kitten says:

    I’m stickin’ with my guns and betting on Kyle Busch to win. I’d like to see Elliot Sadler come out of nowhere, I’d still be pissed about last week…my no-chancer is going to be Michael Waltrip, that’s a sure bet! (Oh crap did I say that out loud??) Kidding!

  4. joey g. says:

    I think ron ripple is on the money this week kyle busch if he doesn’t crash or break.. i also like kahne witch he is way past due… and also kenseth who is another one that is due for a win and needs one for a confidence booster….. its a long race and who is patient in my picks i will almost guarentee a win with one of those three….. we will see

  5. Alan P says:

    I think too many of you forget about Biffle. The man is strong on the track and off, the crew makes the right decisions and with this long 600 mile race the young gunz will fatigue.

    My guess is that your Dale Jr picks and Kyle Busch picks will quit at lap 502 as they’re not conditioned and dont have the experience to go another 98 laps.

    I may be over exagerating, but come Sunday you’re all going to congratulate me on my incredible pick!

  6. Tim Zaegel says:

    I’ll be interested to see how some of these cars do that are starting in the back of the pack … guys like Carl Edwards, Tony Stewart, Clint Bowyer, and Ryan Newman.

    Edwards was my pick to win this one … of course, I make my weekly predictions prior to practices or qualifying, so this one could come back to nip me. We’ll see.

  7. As long as Kyle Busch’s Toyota does not have motor problems, I think he will be able to take the victory.

    If I had to choose besides kyle Busch, I think Carl Edwards will take the checkers.

  8. Kathleen says:

    I’m taking Casey Kahne again. Since I picked him on the $1m run, I’m on a winning streak. Boggety, Boggety, Boggety. Oh god did I really do that?

  9. Looks like you were right Kathleen , good job on that one! I was close with Kyle busch, he got 3rd.

  10. CAD Programs says:

    Please don\’t tell me I was looking at a different race or just got it wrong, check it at The starting line was completely different than the qualifying. Can anyone tell me why. I don\’t think I have seen this happen before, but I have not been following nascar that long. I also understand that if some one changes an engine or something else major they go to the back, but that is not what happen here. Thank you !

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