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Published on March 27th, 2008 | by Ron Ripple


NASCAR Auction for a good cause…

MS LogoI was contacted by a NASCAR fan yesterday evening who is holding an online Auction for Multiple Sclerosis.  Whenever a fellow NASCAR fan needs help, you can always count on Ron Ripple to be there for you.  Janet Van Leer sent me an e-mail yesterday in regards to her MS Auction she’s currently holding.  Click Here to view the Auction.  It started on Tuesday and will be ending midnight April 1st.  So if you’re a NASCAR fan and see an item on her website that you’re interested in, please make sure you bid on it.  It’s not only going to be a cool item, but all the proceeds are going to a good cause. 

 If you’re not sure what MS is… MS stands for Multiple Sclerosis and is a very devestating Disease.  It’s a disease that attacks the Central Nervous System which is made up of the brain, spinal cord, and optic nerves.  Basically this disease slowly works its way through the Central Nervous System and often causes one to become disable.  There isn’t a cure for this disease yet but there’s a lot of researchers working on it.  So make sure you visit Janet’s website and if you see something you like please bid on it.  Every dollar counts.

 Details for Janet’s NASCAR Auction:

Website : Click Here

Contact: Janet Van Leer

Time: March 25th – April 1st at Midnight

Cause: Raise Money for MS

I just put a bid on the #3 item for $25.  Happy bidding everyone!

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I'm Ron Ripple, Featured in Forbes Magazine as NASCAR's Biggest Fan, I'm 3 time Junior Mr Olympia. When I'm not drinking beer and watching NASCAR, you can find me in the local gym doing squats. Let's go racing!

5 Responses to NASCAR Auction for a good cause…

  1. Ryan says:

    Not only is Ron Ripple a great beer drinker, he also knows how to support a great cause. Way to Go Ron.

  2. Hi,

    I can’t thank Ron enough for putting this article on his site. What a wonderful article and he really explained it well!

    I thought you would like to know a little about me and why I am doing this. My name is Janet Van Leer and I am a wife and mother to my two boys. I am writing to you today regarding Multiple Sclerosis (MS). I was diagnosed in 2000, but the first symptoms began in 1989, and what a shock it was not only for me but for myI lost my vision in the right eye. I saw a physician, they said it was optic neuritis and there was no mention of Multiple Sclerosis. Several years went by with intermittent problems such as falling down and blurred vision. I saw several doctors, but never knew the cause of my problems.

    In March of 2000 I had numbness in my legs and I had another MRI performed and it confirmed there was plaque at T9 level of my back, indicative of MS. entire family. This disease has affected everyone close to me.

    When the first race was on this year The Daytona 500 I was unable to get out of bed. My 9 year old son brought all of his Nascar items into my bedroom and put them all around. He also made posters and my husband made snacks. We sat in my room and had a blast watching the Daytona even though I could not walk. My children are very involved in raising money for MS, they know there will be a cure one day.

    I could not believe the donations I received from the reps for the Nascar Drivers. The Nascar Family stepped up with donations to help us raise money. I also have Kelly Sutton from the Truck Series as a Sponsor for out Walk Team. We do the MS Walk on May 4th.

    So now you know why we are having the online silent auction to benefit MS. 100% of the proceeds go to the MS Society. I have Nascar items that are authentic and have been signed. I hope you would be willing to help us reach fans and raise money to benefit the MS Society. We also have a staionairy cycle that is up for bid. This was also donated to us for the auction so 100% of those proceeds will go to the MS Society. The sale began March 25 and end April 1 but I am in a small community so we are not having much luck with the auction. PLEASE take a look and see if there is something there you might like to bid on.

    Thank you
    Janet Van Leer

  3. Brock G says:

    I feel for you and those struggling with this horrible disease. I bid $25 as well on #5..

  4. Hi,

    I just want to thank everyone who has been looking at the site. We have received several bids so far and I know the Nascar Fans are the best in the world!! Thank You.


  5. Janet says:

    Hi Nascar Fans,

    Ron wrote a great article about the online auction. There are only 3 days left so lets get those bids in and make some Nascar History for Multiple Sclerosis!


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