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Published on February 11th, 2008 | by Ron Ripple


Busch and Stewart’s Love Tap!

I’ve been dying to get to a computer since the crashes that took place during this past weekend’s practice. I know NASCAR is trying to go back to the basics with letting personalities come out and not having such strict rules and penalties, but this past weekend was unbelievable. I only have two words to describe how the 2008 season is going to be “Complete CHAOS.”

The first crash seemed as if was an accident and didn’t look like there were any hard feelings. Clint Boyer simply went up and tapped Ryan Newman which caused a huge pile up including Jimmie Johnson, Jeff Gordon, and a few others. Obviously a lot of pissed off drivers but it didn’t seem intentional so I assume no hard feelings.

The second crash is what in my opinion sets the pace for the 2008 season and of course you see who’s in the middle of it, Tony Stewart. Tony Stewart was trying to sneak by Kurt Busch’s #12 car but taps his right rear bumper causing him to get up into the wall and destroy his car. Tony Stewart and Kurt Busch already had some bad blood from last new mp3 songs download year’s Daytona 500 when Kurt Busch got up in the back of Tony Stewart during the race. The difference was that they were racing for the lead, and this time they were just practicing.

The title of this article is what I think will continue to be a reoccuring incident throughout the 2008 season “Busch and Stewart’s Love Tap!” Kurt Busch, who has been NASCAR’s number one driver for the past two years, was not scared this past weekend to show the world how he really feels. He drove up to Tony Stewart after the crash and traded paint with him that was clearly intentional. There’s nothing like a little NASCAR drama… it’s what makes this sport so exciting. But I think trading paint intentionally is

a poor way of getting back at someone. Kurt Busch would have really earned my respect if he would have got out of his car and traded words with Tony Stewart instead of trading paint. If you listen to the commentators from the video, they mention that Tony Stewart was trying to get out of his car which I think is the proper way to discuss your matters instead of tearing up the cars themselves. I’m sure Stewart was getting out of his car to shake hands and apologize. Yeah Right! The CHAOS from this practice makes for an exciting season. I’m so jacked up now that I haven’t been able to sleep and probably won’t sleep until they throw the checkered flag come Sunday.

Above is a video of the second crash for those of you who haven’t seen it. Just remember… this is PRACTICE and not even a race. It just goes to show you what a competitve sport this is and the different personalities this sport has. What do you think about this crash? Do you think Kurt Busch took it too far? Do you think new mp3 songs wrecking cars is the way to get back at someone or do you think racers should take care of their drama face to face?

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7 Responses to Busch and Stewart’s Love Tap!

  1. joey gratton says:

    i think tony should have got out and kicked his ass, for the love taps on pit row….

  2. Ron Ripple says:

    Remember!!! All fines go to the Nascar Foundation… I reckon a good ol love tap on the chin of Kurt would have gone to a helluva good cause.

  3. jason says:


  4. Sounds like a good NASCAR song to me! Maybe Lee Roy Mercer can remake it. Love Tap, Baby Love Tap…Tony Tony Tony…Love Tap…Tin Roof Crushed it!
    What y’all think?
    Dale Dodge Jr

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  6. During its media tour last month, NASCAR hinted that it wanted to get back to its roots, or as one of its top officials put it, getting the sport back to the one that fans “fell in love with.”

  7. I’d say there is something wrong with the women who put up with it. If I were to be hit even once out of malice, I’m out! It’s a deal breaker..

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