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Published on January 21st, 2008 | by Ron Ripple


Fines Now Have a Purpose!

Announced today, all money collected from fines levied on drivers and teams for the 2008 season will now go towards the NASCAR Foundation. Now I don’t know about you, but I’m always down for a charitable cause! Just when you thought nothing good could come from breaking the rules, NASCAR comes back to reward those who are less fortunate.

Just imagine you’re Dale Earnhardt coming out of turn 2 when out of nowhere Tony Stewart slams you into the wall. That brand new AMP sponsored #88 car all banged up… Whatcha gonna do? I’d have to run over to good ol’ Tony Stewart’s pit and wait… The minute that little cow turd pulled up I’d have to do some serious charity work on his car. Fine me till my fists hurt! I just made a charitable donation and did I mention the tax benefits?

In all seriousness, I believe it to be a respectable move by NASCAR. To learn more about the NASCAR Foundation go here.

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About the Author

I'm Ron Ripple, Featured in Forbes Magazine as NASCAR's Biggest Fan, I'm 3 time Junior Mr Olympia. When I'm not drinking beer and watching NASCAR, you can find me in the local gym doing squats. Let's go racing!

One Response to Fines Now Have a Purpose!

  1. It is all basically depending on who you are, your skills, and who you drive for. The drivers get most of their money from sponsors. For example, Dale Earnhardt, Sr. was said to make 40 million dollars per year just from being on the front of Coca-Cola machines. The same goes for Jeff Gordon, who is on the front of many Pepsi machines. So, truthfully, the most popular drivers actually make more off of their sponsors than they do from their winnings.

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